Southeast Dental Savings Plan

Who is eligible for this plan?

Southeast Dental Savings Plan Any resident in the State of Alabama or Tennessee that does not have dental insurance.

Cost for this Plan:

Primary member – $288.00 Annually
Each dependent member – $143.00 Annually
(meaning spouse and children 26 and under)

Benefits each member will receive:

  • 2 healthy mouth cleanings with exams annually
  • 1 set of bite-wing x-rays annually
  • All diagnosed x-rays

Your savings will add up quickly. For example, these preventative services will save a primary member with one dependent $200 annually.

All other services performed by your provider are at a 20% discount of their standard fee schedule. This includes:

Basic Services – fillings, simple extractions, full mouth x-rays, pulp capping, root canal therapy
Major Service – deep cleanings, crowns, bridges, dentures, partials, surgical extractions
Cosmetic Services – bleaching, veneers, invisalign, botox, dermal fillers, bonding

As always, your dental health is our primary concern. We will continue to provide you with prompt appointments for regular and emergency visits.

Sometimes, however, the BEST treatment may be a referral to a specialist. We thank you for trusting us with your dental health.

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Southeast Dental Savings Plan
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